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MOB Talk

'Make Magic in your Life'   

This is a quote I heard this morning from Louise Fletcher, abstract painter. It ignited the concept for this newsletter and also for me personally, kicks off Wednesday March 8, 2023, International Women's Day.

Let me introduce you to some local women and not so local who inspire me and who also may ignite the 'magic in your life'.

Reawakening a long buried passion for creativity outside the workplace

Abstract Painting Workshop

Normally at My Ol' Blues, January/February are months to get organized, refreshed, focused, but it has been none of the above!

 It's been all about production, production, production.

 It always amazes me how after 29 years, one year is never a duplicate of any past.

  It was beginning to leave me out of sorts so I signed up for a series of painting/art workshops starting this past January offered by Enid Runnalls of Manitoulin Makers Co.

Inspiration has ignited me once again. It has my head full of ideas for my free time plus future possibilities for MOB Collections.

Thank you Enid for the artistic escape and sparking the creative in me this 2023. 

The workshops are a fun learning art experience(no skill or experience required).

Drum roll please...

Now let me introduce you to...Manitoulin Makers Co.!

Manitoulin Makers Co. a hub of artistic activity

Manitoulin Makers Co.

A successful art studio and artistic hub for many aspiring artists.

Enid Runnalls, a retired elementary school teacher, wife of a Barrie Island cattle farmer, mother of 2 + one grandchild and very talented painter(who also is a MOB VIP) is the owner of this beautiful studio at the Gore Bay Harbour Centre.

Offering winter workshops was a blessing in disguise for myself these past 2 months! 

The workshops Enid instructs are well planned, experimental, educational and for every age and experience. 

No talent is required, she will help you discover the artist within you!

Our 1st talented woman we celebrate this International Women's Day!

If you are interested in visiting the studio and/or signing up for a workshop or 2, reach out to Enid  or send her an email at

Workshops are held throughout the year, so if only on the Island for a short time send a quick note to see what may be offered!

Perivale Gallery, a kaleidoscope of Canadian talent beginning with the talented Shannon McMullan

Perivale Gallery

I have had the pleasure of knowing Shannon for many years now.

As a fellow Manitoulin Island Business Owner and MOB VIP!

Shannon is no stranger to many on this Island and throughout our province, she is also an accomplished actress with many memorable roles to her credit.

Shannon relocated to Manitoulin island from Brockville upon her retirement from her teaching profession. She was passed the reins of the well-established, Perivale Gallery from her mother. She has taken this quaint gallery in the woods online and introduced many of us to local and well-known Canadian artists in many genres of fine art and craftsmanship.

I make my trek 20 minutes away, at least once a year between May and September. Often I bring a friend or family member to embrace the beautiful scenery that surrounds the gallery and then head indoors to enjoy the art pieces on display and treat myself to a small purchase or two. It is always fascinating learning about the talented artists Shannon showcases. 


She has also established a collection of workshops that are popular each year featuring talented instructors from all walks of the artist community.

If you have a few days to spare or are looking for an unique experience, choose from one of many art workshops that suit your fancy!

Our 2nd talented woman that we celebrate this International Women's Day!

Perivale Gallery is a must visit stop on your next Manitoulin adventure!

Christies Art, a talented Island woman

Christies Art

Christie Pearson Anderson, is a true Manitoulin Island woman. 

Christie grew up on the west end of the Island and today lives in the little village of Evansville. 

She is employed by Manitoulin Transport by day, an accomplished musician, she entertains with a local band and shares her personal time with her husband, family and her true calling, creating beautiful pieces of art. 

Speaking from hands on experience learning from Christie both drawing techniques and coloured pencil she is detail oriented and is willing to share her techniques and honed skill with her students and followers. 

A natural educator with patience and insight.

Many pieces Christie has created are commissions. 

You can visit her website to find out more information. 

Christie specializes in Watercolours, Pen & Ink Drawings and Coloured Pencil Drawings

Christie is also part of the Perivale Gallery Workshops offered this summer. 

I recommend the opportunity to learn new skills from this talented woman.

Our 3rd talented woman we celebrate this International Women's Day!

Visit Christie today 

 The Ten Collective Art Exhibit featuring childhood friend and talented fine artist, Katherine McNenly 

Katherine McNenly

Katherine was born and raised in Espanola. 

We met in 1969 when my family moved to Espanola and into the same neighbourhood.

Along with Mary MacKenzie, who is in the picture with us, we attended school together for 12 years and spent a lot of hours on the ice practicing our figure skating skills.

Katherine's drawing talent was visible from a young age and I was not surprised when she entered the Fine Arts program at York University. 

She went on to study abroad in Italy under The Maestro, Michael John Angel, who is regarded as one of the foremost figurative painters of our time.

Katherine married fellow Espanolian, Kevin Buzdygan and they have made their home in Almonte, Ontario.

She has spent her adult life doing what she loves and has had the opportunity to be commissioned to paint many portraits including the portrait of Jamie Cassells, Professor of Law and President Emeritus of the University of Victoria, shown above.  

Katherine is part of the "Ten Collective", a group of ten artists featuring diverse backgrounds and styles of painting.

Mary and I went to this wonderful art exhibition last April to surprise Katherine. Not only was the exhibition a wonderful experience, but the community of Almonte is a hidden Ontario gem.

We have many MOB VIP's in and around the Ottawa area. I encourage all of you to mark April 22-23, 2023 | 10:00am to 5:00pm Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, Almonte  on your calendars!

Make an art experience day of it!

In the meantime, you can peruse their website or follow the group on Facebook and learn more about these 10 talented artists.

Last, but not least, our 4th talented woman we celebrate this International Women's Day!

A message from the MOB BOSS...

MOB Boss

International Women's Day, a day to celebrate the achievements of women you admire and those that have made a positive impact for women around the world.

I always find it difficult to stream line my newsletters, especially when they encompass a special event like International Women's Day.

The concept grew when I realized how much I have enjoyed putting my creative energy into something other than my business 24/7. 

As I stopped to think about it, I realized how many other women around me have tapped into their passion and whether realizing it or not, have touched others with their enthusiasm, talent, and knowledge.

I wanted to celebrate these women and the many more that I have had the opportunity to know over the years.

Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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