My Ol' Blues  is a small apparel manufacturing company in Northern Ontario, Canada. We are located in Gore Bay on beautiful Manitoulin Island and have been a part of this industry since Nov. 1993. We started out in a basement in Sudbury, then moved to another basement in Espanola, before finally settling in Gore Bay in 1997 with 2000 sq. ft of main floor space where we've had room to grow!

Design              All our clothing/accessories are designed by founder, Kathryn M. Antonio. She has spent years honing her craft with no credentials in design. It was a fluke! 

Manufacture   All designs are then patterned, cut, sewn and packaged in house by a team of talented people.

Wholesale        We have wholesaled from our location to 300+ stores across Canada and border states over the past 24 years. Mainly, to independent retailers who appreciate Canadian-made products and the ability to order small quantities and short turn-around orders to suit their customer base.

Retail                 We have been in the retail business since Nov. 1997, when our company relocated to Manitoulin Island. We  have a store front at 7 Phipps St., Gore Bay, which services both our year-round local customers as well as our seasonal visitors and those visiting Manitoulin for the 1st time.