BANDANA Made in Canada


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Our BANDANAS are created with you in mind. Simple construction, comfortable fit, maximum breathability while trapping minute particles within the layers.

Wash your hands before and after handling mask.

The Bandana has holes to loop your ears thru for better placement. Easy on/off.

Kerchief point in front , angle up to back - tube shape.

Machine wash/tumble dry or hand wash with hot soapy water and hang to dry.

Double folded layer of fabric. Protection is adequate but does not meet Health Canada standards.

Protection for those that have limited mobility to use our mask or for children.

Solid Red as shown.

57% Rayon from Bamboo/ 37% Cotton/ 6% Spandex

2 sizes available: S child/youth  L women/men 

*Note our masks are non-refundable due to hygiene requirements.

** For large corporate or oganization quantities please call or email.

Purchase 2 or more PPE Accessories and receive 20% all PPE products.

 Prefer personal service, call us today or email us and we can make ordering easy 1-800-230-6545 or sales@myolblues.com